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Exponential Blessings

I turned my head again.  I blinked, too.

Her name is Cristina.  She’s the lady I spoke of in my previous blog… the one with the limo service.  After I typed that blog she called me again.  This time she had news that took a while to chew on before it was really able to sink into my brain as reality.  I’ll share the summarized version since I don’t have much time to sit at my computer at the moment.

She spoke with a coordinator, and was apparently touched by the fact that Lisa and I were showing an uncommon amount of honor, particularly with the fact that we refuse to live together until we’re officially married, despite the fact we already have a place to move into.  They decided they wanted to do something for us, so she told me to sit down with my fiance and come up with her ultimate wishlist for her dream wedding.  Why?  Because they were going to take that list and make it a reality for us… FREE.

Yes, I said “FREE”.  This includes EVERYTHING involved with coordinating a wedding event; Location, invitations, decorations, cake, reception, food/catering, limo service, photography, videography, DJ, and the list goes on.  Let me once again emphasize that they are giving this all to us absolutely free of charge.  We can basically have whatever we want, wherever we want (within reason, of course.  It’s safe to say they can’t fly everybody to Japan for a wedding).  As far as the “whatever we want” goes, however, the sky is the limit.  It hasn’t been 24 and already Cristina has told my mother that the estimated cost of our wedding will be about $25,000-$35,000.  I’ll say it again… WE DON’T HAVE TO PAY A DIME!!

Chew on that for a while.  I gotta get to work.

*UPDATE*  Now I have time so I’ll make a sort of addendum to this post.

I ran published this post in a bit of a rush, because I was running late for work but so excited to share the news this morning that I didn’t want to wait any more to post it, haha.

I want to make sure that I don’t leave out the fact that there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that God’s hands are the only foundation for this marvelous gift.  Hmmm… that sounds like an odd way of stating it, but surely you know what I mean.  Many couples move in together before getting married, despite the fact that the Bible warns against this.  Even Lisa and I, in our desire not necessarily to be together under one roof, but to get away from the places we currently lived, were tempted to move in together.  However, we both have decided that we can tough it out for a few more months until the glorious day on which we shall be married and can live with each other, free from the others, for the rest of our lives.

Though we fail miserably sometimes, we do seek to honor God.  This time, we have chosen to honor Him and in return He has shown us great mercy and amazing blessing, honoring us in return as we seek to become one.

As that famous song says so well, our God truly is and awesome God.


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