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Wedding Venue & Groom’s Cake Ideas

So, the wedding won’t be at the Grand Tradition Estate, but Cristina was really excited and told us of a gorgeous place she pulled some strings to get.  She said she new someone who got married there before and they paid $13,000 to do so.  I haven’t seen the place myself but I trust her judgement, and based on her excitement it must be wonderful.  We are going to go visit the place on Saturday to check it out.  I’ll update when I learn more.

I think I’ve got some ideas for my cake.  Since it is a secondary cake, I get to be as wild and creative as I want to be with it.   Don’t worry.  I don’t want to make it tacky.  I’m creative enough to allow to really reveal my personality and taste without being ghetto.  Really, I’m not a ghetto person at all… practical, but not ghetto.   I really want to try to sketch out some ideas before sharing them.  Since I’ll be at work, and I don’t have a scanner there, if I sketch something on paper I’ll just have to take a pic with my phone if I want to post it, but it’s ok.


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