…and then some


So, I need to adjust my diet.  I want to lose, oh… about 60 or so pounds by the time I get married, which is in 3 months, which means I need to lose about 20 pounds a month, which is about 5 pounds a week.  Unhealthy, you say?  Well… not if I do it the right way.

First change:  More exercise!  I need to be as active as possible.  Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, perhaps some hiking is in order.  A gym membership would never work for me.  The closest thing I can get to a “gym” is my mom’s treadmill in the livingroom.  At least there I have some privacy and can watch a movie of my choice or something while I’m walking.  Lisa and I have been talking about playing tennis for weeks now.  We really need to just get out there and do it.  I’d go by myself but if you’ve ever tried playing tennis alone you would understand how much that doesn’t work… and there’s no wall to hit the ball against.

Second change:  Healthier eating habits.  Some people have a problem just eating too much.  Others, they just really unhealthy things.  Me?  I have a problem with both.  First thing to remember is that starving myself is NOT the way to go.  I must eat.  I just need to be more selective about what I eat… and drink, for that matter.  No more soda, period.  In fact, I’m inclined to go with a water-only plan.  I do need some milk now and then, though.  So I don’t think that’s going to set me back too far if I have a glass of milk once in a while.

As far as how much to eat, well… that’ll take just a few days to get used to.  I just need to eat fist-sized portions for a while, and my stomach will get used to it, so it’ll be easier.  I just need to make sure I remember to keep that going because if I eat too much in just one meal, I gotta start it all over.  Also, I should get some healthy snack items at the store that I can munch on throughout the day while I’m at work.  Eating tiny portions throughout the day is much healther than having large meals several hours apart.

It’s not going to be easy but I really need to lose some weight.  I know my metabolism, too, and I know that this is doable, without making me sick or anything like that.  I actually have a pretty high metabolism.  I just never give it a chance to work.

So, here we go…


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