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Verizon Wireless FTW

I don’t really talk on my phone much during peak hours, so I stick with the cheapest plan for amount of minutes, which is 450 minutes.  Well, a couple of nights ago I checked my email and got a message from Verizon saying my statement is ready, which is normal.  However, my bill was about $206, which is NOT normal.  I usually pay about $60 or so.

Well, it seems that all of this wedding planning and trying to take care of so many things lately has pushed me into using 750 minutes without realizing it, so I’m paying for 300 of them.  I gave Verizon CS a call and explained the situation.  Normally, I could upgrade to the 900 minute plan on the spot, have the minutes backdated, and instead of paying an extra $150 for all of those extra minutes, I would only be paying $20 for upgrading to the next plan, and I’d still have all of those minutes left to use (since I only used 750).  Unfortunately, the bill had already been posted and it was a couple of days past the end of my billing cycle, so that wasn’t an option.  If I would have caught it sooner, then we could have done it.  The Verizon rep, however, was still able to knock off a percentage of that bill for me, which lowered it to $156.  That was extremely helpful.

The other day, I also downloaded a game onto my phone.  It was a $9 game, but I figured I would like it and play it for a while.  Well, it wasn’t what I expected, but I figured I’d just play it anyway.  See, there was no demo, so I took a risk.  I accepted that.  Well, to help me further, I asked her if she would refund me the amount I paid for that game if I deleted it, and she said she would do that.  So I was able to get my money back on that one.

Verizon Wireless has always been very, very good to me.  I couldn’t imagine going with anybody else for my wireless service.  I have heard a few horror stories from people who say they hate verizon because of what they have experienced, but all I can say is what I have experienced myself, and as I have said, they are very very good to me.

There is really only one problem I have had with the service.  I don’t always get my calls.  I don’t know if it’s my location or what, but sometimes I will receive a voicemail but no associated call.   It’s a problem, yes, but the excellent customer service and flexible options I get with Verizon greatly outweigh this one little issue.

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  1. I have run the gamut of wireless services personally. I have tried AT&T, All-Tel, Verizon, and Cingular.

    It is my experience that none of these are more reliable than the others. With all of these services I have experienced the reception of delayed voicemail messages, messages without an associated call, and dropped calls.

    If you have a service that you are happy with I’d stick with it. It sounds like you have a way with CSR’s and Verizon has indeed treated you very fairly.

    March 24, 2009 at 3:13 am

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