…and then some

Cake Tasting

I had a dream about tasting cakes.  Odd.

Next Tuesday (that’s right, not today), we go down to meet with Chevon, the cake designer, for the cake tasting event.  Oh trust me.  It will be an event.  I believe we’re also meeting up with the make-up artist as well as the hair designer who will be molding pretty little girlies out of the bridal party.

The original plan was for them to bring the cakes to us, but from the very beginning I never really understood why this made any sense.  It’s great they wanna pamper us but it would just be so much easier to go there where the cakes already are.  Anyway, I believe we’re going to Santa Ana.  Again, I’m not sure why we’re going there, but that’s what the email said… unless I’m just delusional and fabricating things in my brain.

Regardless, it should be quite a treat.


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