…and then some


Since I don’t have my shades with me today, I really didn’t want to have to drive anywhere.  Obviously, I still have to drive home, but other than that, everything is optional.  Since I ruled out driving, and since I don’t have any cash to buy food in the cafeteria, I ordered a medium supreme pizza.  Pizza is my biggest weakness… especially Pizza Hut Pan Crust Supreme pizza.  It’s difficult to stop eating until it’s all gone.

I did well, though.  There’s still one slice left.  :|


One response

  1. OMG! Isnt Pizza Hut the best?!?! YUMM! I LOVE their pan crust.. Although most of my friends/family hate Pizza Hut.. It’s my Fav! YUMMMMMY! lol N thanks for saving a slice for me! mmm lol *Jumps through the internet, steals your last slice and comes back home* mmm Tasty! lol (Yes I know.. I’m dork!..lol)

    March 25, 2009 at 6:20 am

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