…and then some

I’ve Started Tagging

No no no no no no no… I’m not spraypainting billboards or box cars.  I’m talking about adding tags to my blog posts.  I’m not sure how much it’ll help anything, but there’s no harm in it.  If anything it might even bring a little extra traffic to my blogs.

At the time I’m posting this entry, I’ve got a “Tag Cloud” on my blog.  It shows a bunch of tags that I’ve used for my posts, and the ones that are used most are in larger fonts.  It would be a lot better if I had been tagging the posts from the very beginning, but since I’m just starting it now, the tags don’t really help very much except to go to a few of those posts and that’s it… whatever.

I did go back and add tags to a handful of my recent posts, but there’s no way I’ll go all the way back to August.

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