…and then some

Random Poetry

I’m really not sure what to say
For the first “Random Poetry” today
But I’m sure I’ll find a way
To get it done anyway

I’m trying to come up with a creative post
Y’know, the kind that people kinda like the most
Something I can be proud of, but not so I can boast
So far my posts are as entertaining as cheese toast

Cheese toast is actually really pretty great
I like it with garlic, and served on a plate
Making it is fun, but I sure hate the wait
If I were a fish, you could use cheese toast as bait

Lucky for me, I’m not really a fish
Otherwise I might be served on a dish
With tartar sauce made from mayo and relish
No matter the case, I’m sure I’d be delish.

I guess this will be my last stanza
You might as well go watch reruns of Bonanza
Or Seinfeld, the show featuring George Costanza
Just make it a syndicate rerun extravaganza

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