…and then some

Rising and Shining

I have two alarms set to wake me up in the morning.  The first is at 6:50 and the second is at 7:15.  When the first wakes me up, I turn it off and return to sleep a little bit longer.  What the first one does is take me out of that really deep sleep but still gives me time to rest a bit longer before actually having to get up.  The second alarm wakes me up again but for this one I just hit snooze.  This means it goes off again in 5 minutes.  I do this until I feel like getting up.

Here’s the problem… lately, when the 6:50 alarm wakes me up, I try to get back to sleep but I have to pee so badly it practically hurts.  So what do I have to do?  Well I get out of bed and stumble to the bathroom to do my thing.  Of course, now I’ve gotten out of bed which means that it’s even hard to get that extra bit of rest once I get back to bed.  Sometimes I just try to hold it but that’s a lost cause.

Anyway… I ought to get ready for work now.

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