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New Chair

Have you ever seen my desk chair at home?  Better yet, ever tried sitting in it?  It had definitely seen better days.  It was one of those simpler computer chairs that had wheels, could spin, and had no armrests.  Not an uncomfortable chair be default, but just simple, and decent quality.  However, mine was falling apart… literally.  The back was bent back so badly you really couldn’t lean back any more.  Because of this, it became more of a stool to sit on.  Lisa and I had discussed getting a new chair, but that was before we were planning our wedding, and we have had more important things to discuss.

On the other side of the world, or rather, down the hall, my mother has a very nice, “newish”, comfortable office/desk chair.  Well, almost right after she got it (as a gift actually), one of the 5 wheels broke off.  It wasn’t just the weel, though… the entire end of the “leg” of the chair broke off.  Yeah, I dunno.  Anyway, it was still… “sittable”… and they’ve been using it like that for a very long time.  Once in a while I’d need to use my mom’s computer for something and sitting in that chair is very annoying… if you lean the wrong way the chair just starts to fall.  I don’t know how they put up with it.

Well, apparently another one of the wheels broke off yesterday, rending the chair pretty much garbage.  My sister was the one who broke it… so my sister promised to buy her a new one this week, and when I got up this morning I noticed the chair with the broken feet over by the front door, ready to be taken to the trash.

Now that I’ve been so long winded about a stupid chair, let me get to the point.  I put 2 and to together and had an idea.  Wasn’t sure if it would work, but I tried anyway.  I came into my room and popped the entire bottom of the chair off (the part with that center “pole” piece and all the legs and wheels attached to it).  See, the top of my chair was destroyed, but there was nothing wrong with the bottom.  It’s the other way around for my mom’s chair.  So I took the bottom of my chair and went over to my mom’s chair and popped the broken bottom off of that one, and put mine in its place.  Voila!  It was a perfect fit and now I have one complete, unbroken chair!  I’m so pleased.

Ok, that’s all.


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