…and then some

Facebook (Day 2)

So, I’ve got some friends added to Facebook now… mostly people I already know, and a few others that I at least go to church with.  I already got some random friend request from some guy that’s apparently a friend of some girl that goes to my church.  I declined it.  I don’t know him… don’t want to, either.

There’s this game, the one my mother wanted me to play, called “WHO HAS THE BIGGEST BRAIN?” and it’s made by Playfish.  It’s kinda an IQ test type of game.  My mom wanted me to play it for her on her account, and I did.  I got a pretty high score (much higher than what she had previously).  Well, now that I’m on Facebook myself, and my mother is one of my “friends” on there, it shows that she has a higher score (bigger brain) than I do… even though I am the one who got that score in the first place!  Grrrrr…

Anyway, I’m on Lisa’s laptop, and I hate trying to type on a laptop, so I’m gonna bring this blog to a close.  Ta ta…


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