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Budget Headphones

As you may know, I work in an elementary school computer lab.  Here, the students do work on the computer that requires the use of headphones so they can hear what’s going on.  Sometimes some of the work requires them to listen to a question or problem and then provide an answer.

These kids don’t really treat the headphones very well.  I think I’m down to about 10 or 12 sets remaining out of the 30 needed to have a set at each station.  They pull and play with things until they just fall apart.  Some are missing the comfort pads, some of them have bent or broken plastic from all the pulling and forcing.  Some even have exposed wire on the cords from being chewed on…

Yes… chewed on.  The kids chew on the cords all the time.  Why?  They’re not infants or toddlers.  These are elementary school kids.  Are they still teething or something?  Sheesh.  Not only does it damage headphones, but it’s disgusting.  They might as well all take turns sharing the same piece of dental floss.

So anyway, I haven’t requested any new headphones for a while because of the budget crap we’re all dealing with, but I finally decided that I needed to request some anyway.  I asked Britany to just get the cheapest piece of crap headphones she can get, and she said OK.  The kids really can’t do the work properly without them, but they certainly aren’t going to keep having nice things.

I swear these kids just like to destroy things.  One of the teachers said that they ruined what was once a perfectly nice, heavy, $300 picnic tables out by the MPR.  They apparently rocked the thing around so much that its bolts came loose and got lost, and whatever else.

Truth is, you really can’t blame the kids 90% of the time.  More of than not, it’s the “parents”.  I put that in quotes because, to be quite honest, I don’t even think they should qualify as parents.


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