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Diet Idea

So, my whole dieting thing hasn’t been going as well as planned… but then, it never really does, does it?

Today I got this idea… it’s a psychological thing that I think would help greatly for anybody who is dieting, so long as they can remember it.  On my way home for lunch (because I have no food here), I thought about going to get some fast food… maybe a burger and fries or something… I was craving it so badly… but I thought to myself… I can’t… I’m dieting… but what do I eat that’s still tasty?

Then all it once it hit me… we treat eating like a recreation and not a necessity.  We eat for fun, not for nutrition.  If I KEEP IN MIND that eating is just to keep from being hungry, and to provide nutrients to my body, I am less likely to feel picky about what it is I am eating.  I was hungry driving home, but I imagined myself not hungry.  I realized that dieting would be a lot easier if I were not hungry… so then I thought about what I could do to not be hungry?  The obvious answer is to eat something.  If I eat for the purpose of not being hungry, and not for the purpose of indulging myself with comfort foods, then when I eat something I have a specific goal, and I’m concentrating on that goal rather than trying to make sure I’m happy with what I’m eating.

The hard part about this idea is that we so often forget about these things when the time comes to find food…


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