…and then some

Ladybug Invasion

Ladybugs?  What the heck?  I keep seeing ladybugs all over, and the kids keep talkin’ about them over by the trash can… let me see what’s going on….

Holy chocolate onion ring sauce!  There are ladybugs all over the place… I counted 12 in/around one of the trash cans inside my classroom.  Just found one on my arm as well.  Noooo!!!  They’ve finally come to get me!!

Well maybe it’s not all that bad… but where are they coming from?  Yes, I know “outside”… but from where exactly?  …and why in here?   … and why the trash can?  I’m thinkin a kid maybe caught a bunch, put it in a bag or something, and put that in the trash can… but the trash can is pretty much empty.  Craziness, I tell you.

What do they want with me?!?  I’m sure I’ll find more after I publish this blog post.


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