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NASA – Not A Secure Archive?

Okay, so… I don’t pay much attention to news, but I pay attention to my friends, and my friends have been whispering around about some “NASA erased the recording of the moon landing”.  So, I finally decided to do a little research myself…

I only read a short bit before I was over it.  It’s irritating that something that’s been such a major historical event is now up for debate regarding its authenticity.  I’m already a bit of a conspiracist in many ways… and now this?  Now, I’m not going to say whether I believe the moon landing was real or fake.  I honestly… don’t care.  I mean, I do care because I would hope we would not all be lied to by our government and such, but as far as whether we actually landed on the moon… yeah, I don’t really care.

There are a few little details, however, that make me wonder.  For example, one question that I have actually thought about for a long time but never really discussed with anyone is… If we did go to the moon once, or even a few times, soooo many years ago… Why aren’t we doing it now?  Now that we have much more advanced technology than we did back then, it would be much easier and safer to make such a trip… and cheaper, too, probably.

…then again, it’s possible that trips to the moon are being made in secret… which brings me to the question of… why?  Why in secret?

When it all boils down, as I have said before, I really don’t care.  We really are at the mercy of the media for just about EVERYTHING.  Believing what the media tells you is just about as reliable as believing the words of a complete stranger walking up to you on the street.  This is one reason I do not watch TV*, and really, I don’t pay attention to the news, either.  I honestly don’t think anything important enough to be life-changing is going to be communicated to me through the news… but whatever.

*There are select shows or channels that I will watch when given the opportunity (and I can usually find those online), but I am not one who sits and flips through channels searching for something to watch (my sister does that, and it bothers me a lot).


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