…and then some


Just got home from my first full day of being back at work after taking a week off for being sick.  Still not 100% better but meh.

My back is really hurting.

On my way home I had to stop and get some gas.  I also got a big bag of flamin’ hot cheetos.  My fingers are red now.

Also on the way home I got a call from our real estate agent who, as usual, regretfully informed us the house we want is no longer an option for us.  He’s a good agent.  It’s not his fault the market sucks and investors snatch up all the decent properties with all-cash offers so that little people like us don’t stand a chance.

Even though I got a full night’s rest and I am feeling a little better, being at work seemed to drain a lot from me today.  I should probably try to take a nap.

I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback on Fangame so far.  Progress is going along fairly smoothly and people are liking it, and I think I’m starting to show up as a blip on the game-making community radar.  You may surprised how many people actually make games…


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