…and then some

Today so far

…and a bit of yesterday.

I forgot to mention that  yesterday I saw “your” used in place of “you’re”.  I told you, I see it every day!  I think the only days that are exceptions are days I don’t spend much time online… or reading… anything.

Tuesday mornings start with the SDC, which is the Special Day Class.  Special indeed.  Listening to an obnoxious, autistic kid that can’t decide whether he’s crying, laughing, or screaming is always so much fun.

So this next teacher greets me with a “How are you doing?”, and as I begin to answer, she proceeds to carry on with something else completely.  Am I the only one who notices this thing?  I’m sorry, but “How are you?” asks a question and is not synonymous to “Hello” or “Good morning”, which do not ask for a reply.  People use such greetings synonymously, though.  Often we say stuff like “Hey, what’s up?”.  Which is often responded to with a mirroring “what’s up?”.  I admit.  I am guilty of that one, too.  Sometimes when I am greeted casually by a friend I’ll respond with a lazy “sup”.

* topic change *

Ah, it seems I am making a reputation for myself amongst the elementary student body.  A couple of second grade boys came up to my desk just now and the first thing one of them said was “Mr Maxwell, we’re sorry to bother you, but…”

Well… I’m sorry you bothered me too!

Yeah, I’m grumpy.   Actually, I’m not really grumpy today.  Though I have been 95% apathetic for weeks now.

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