…and then some

2005-11-12 (Nov) – 2.4 miles or so

2.4 miles or so
2005-11-12 (Nov) – 13:41

Well, so today i briskly walked 2.4 miles.  I know, I know.  That’s not much.  Well, seeing as how I get such little excercise as I do, the 2.4 miles was a great thing… especially since I walked them briskly.

The weather is nice out right now.  Not a cloud in the sky, though I like clouds, but it’s not hot.  It’s not cold either, unless you stand in the shade for too long.  There is a strong breeze and it’s really nice.

My walk was along one long empty road out in the open.  I parked at one end and walked to the other end and back.  On the way out, I walked downhill and against the wind, but on the way up, I walked uphill and with the wind.  Not sure why I’m posting this.  Guess I’m bored.

Had a sandwich when I came home.  Bread, mayo, mustard, and thinly sliced ham.  I also drank some Crystal Light to wash it down.  Simple lunch but it did the job.  I’m not hungry any more (and you’re probably not either now).


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