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2005-11-13 (Nov) – Pancakes, Church, and the Unknown.

Pancakes, Church, and the Unknown.
2005-11-13 (Nov) – 10:07

No, not the band “The Unknown”.  Just… the unknown.

So in a few minutes I’m going to stand up, walk to the kitchen, eat some pancakes, and I suppose I’ll get ready for church.

I grew up going to a church in town… probably went there on a regular basis for the first 18 years of my life or so.  We had an awesome youth group and everything was a blast.  It’s not the same any more, and without going into any detail, I’m just not being fed there (except today, there will be a potluck, so I will be fed there; but i meant spiritually fed).

The youth group I was a part in, like I said, was awesome.  However, our youth leader resigned (he had very good reasons, and i love the guy, so he did nothing wrong) but nobody could step up to the plate and do nearly as well.  A few have tried and basically failed… so now there really is no youth group at all.  There are only a tiny handful of people that go to that church that would even be the right age for a youth group.  I know it would grow if there was something for them to do.

I’ve felt it’s been put on my heart to help out.  God’s given me everything I need to be a youth leader.  In fact, I think someday I will be, for some reason… I just believe that… or if not a youth leader, then at least an assistant leader or somebody in a leadership position.

So, I’m gonna pray about it… that church needs some serious help… in many areas.


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