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2005-11-13 (Nov) – What to do, what to do…

What to do, what to do…
2005-11-13 (Nov) – 15:35

Hmmm… I sure wish I had something fun to do this afternoon.  I need to get up a little extra early so I can get to work an hour earlier than usual because we’re starting morning tutoring for some of the kids.  That’s extra cash for me so it’s fine, and plus I LOVE my job.  It’s so much fun…

Well, I just checked the showtimes at the local theatre and it seems DREAMER is playing pretty soon.  I’m mentally debating whether or not I want to go see it… or not.  I’ll have to go alone, because I have nobody to go with me (i suppose i could make a few phonecalls).  It looks really good. Dakota Fanning is one of my favorite actresses, mostly because she’s absolutely brilliant and she’s only 11 years old.  sheesh!!

Ok well if anyone has any ideas for something i could do… let me know.


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