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Clever Blog Subject

Posting and a calculator with capitol one blah blah blah markers and a can of air spray, and yes I meant “air” with pepsi and the diet LG verizon on the run with november being a story for the coach.  Triangle glue with keys, skulls, keys, numbers, and a giant mousepad the size of an air conditioning vent and lots of black hair.  Nobody loves a schedule with revised free time openly for the pencil sharpener and there is gas in there.

Never you worry the desk with leopard print.  I received a reward for nothing in particular but a snowman coupon.  Keep it in the yard of geoblocks.  A stamp, a stamp, nothing in office depot except a school but did the big tab use underwater multiplication for 95 and a half green and yellow walls?  There is confusion in murderous larvae.

Customer service for the heart and soul of maxell tapes, or smart and final for camera film battery server likelihood blah-ness.

Learn a thing or two as you connect to the exchange and have an american flag flying with a bird in a tree on the ground in the dirt with roots and grass and bushes and i want a burger.  Standing on the ground is like flying in the air but clouds and fog and speakers and ceilings and poles are made for a cafeteria.

WAIT!!  No, never mind.  I demand more rocks in my soup except for Dell computers.  The sun is coming out but it feels like pain to me.  Do you understand what the tickets are trying to say to the chesters?  I do not really grasp anything like a shirt made of wool and dirt.

Carpet cleaners made of glass eat lots of hot sauce with bugs and carbon dioxide fueling their brains… brains and trains… and automobiles in the last dance of a hallowed ground.  Look for the key for the five and nothing on C.  There is a stack of welcome mats on the dryer if you do not want them.  If anything I say makes sense then a life jacket made of sea horses will jump into a rainbow of falling stars and drink a lot of oranges.

A link of sausage made of blue corn.  That doesn’t really sound like the trash of fire I found in a box of maggots.  Gross… did you know that a californian blabber fish is next to the statue of liberty on tuesdays and dances like nobody has ever seen?  It’s the most with toast.

The door!  It will eat your soul then it might eat dessert but I don’t have a clue what the chairs are trying to sing with their legs on the floor three feet from the poop.  Item numbers and cameras made of bags with plastic socks wrapped in a blanket of cardboard  leafage.  The wind blows northward like a hefty bag and a big, giant, shrimp.  There is brainage in the grain with the silo full of missiles and wheat and lots of cereal.  Don’t forget the two million scoops of cherry blossoms that were made in Japan nineteen hundred million seconds ago!  I exclaim!

Beep beep beep goes the home truck end with who knows… I don’t knows.  Nose?  Welcome to the multi purpose room.  Candy mountain, charlie!   Get your own box of baked sunshine, you perverted sack of cheese!  I have no idea what napkins thought pizza hut crushed my soul.

Alas!  I hath found the  share and I tried to copy and paste my cow clip made of pen caps and red glue with lots of buttons and usb cables.  Did you not thus therefore hitherto the frenzy willy sickles?  I’m pretty sure I ate a cracker made of pepsi on the day that jason rampaged through a forest of gummie bears bouncing here and there and everywhere you look…

Someday we’ll remember this and bathe for a year without closing our eyes and i have a card of inferno sauce. There is a wedge below the shower that is made of cats.  I can’t believe it.


2 responses

  1. Seems like you are a true pro. Did you study about the theme? haha..

    November 26, 2009 at 9:34 am

  2. Hah! Yes, very carefully.

    November 26, 2009 at 10:20 am

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