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2005-11-14 (Nov) – heavy sighs and the dragging of feet

heavy sighs and the dragging of feet
2005-11-14 (Nov) – 17:19

what a day, what a day.  let’s see… i was like, borderline late to work this morning because i’m not used to getting their so early… the whole day was quite stressful because kids kept asking me questions and bothering me and i was trying to work on something and they were just driving me crazy and i just wanted to snap my fingers and make them all disappear!!!

ah well, i guess i am there for the kids anyway.  …so it’s all A-OK.  not feeling so hot, though… got this rather crampy feeling in my lower gut…  i hadn’t eaten anything all day until just now, and it’s after 5pm.  wait, i lied… i had part of a banana.  that’s not much…  it’s ok… i don’t mind the days that i go with little food because it gives my stomach a chance to shrink down to its natural size… ok whatever.

tonight i might watch THE BONE SNATCHER (don don don!!) which is one of them no-name movies that never made it to theatre… just went straight to VHS/DVD.

A lot of great movies comin’ out soon.  I can’t wait to see HARRY POTTER and NARNIA and all that stuff.

Well, i’m gonna go.  My feet stink.


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