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2005-11-15 (Nov) – My Useless Movie Reviews

My Useless Movie Reviews *updated after each movie i watch*
2005-11-15 (Nov) – 23:51

The Devil’s Rejects

Violence, gore, sex, nudity, profanity, disturbing images… all the makings of a family film. Not.


This is one of those movies I may forever ask myself “Why did I put myself through that?”

I feel sick.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, don’t bother watching it… I rate it a 1-time-is-more-than-enough.

The Bone Snatcher

Well well well… that was a bit of interesting combined with “somewhat tolerable”. Raise your hands if you’d like to see poor CGI combined with questionable plotlines.


Ook so maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on the movie. It wasn’t so bad I guess. Beats sleepin’ in cold mashed potatoes. Actually… that wouldn’t be so bad.

An interesting idea, as unoriginal as it may be, to have a colony of quasi-intelligent, acidic ants coming together to form a single hideous beast that romps around the desert. This movie will keep you saying “uhmm…” again and again.

Soundtrack? I don’t remember it. Sorry.

I rate this movie a for-pete’s-sake-just-shoot-me-now.

High Tension (Haute Tension)



Well, that was a little violent.

Ok let’s see. The first thing I noticed about this movie is that it’s FRENCH. *sigh* That’s ok. After a short while I got used to it, which I usually do for foreign films. Unless you’re fluent in French I highly recommend the use of subtitles as opposed to the English audio dubs. There are sometimes quiet or distant things said that cannot really be heard but can be read all the same.

Well, other than the sheer violence, the movie does create a bit of high tension, thus the name. It’s a bit suspenseful and it has a bit of a twist to it. I would say it’s predictable but the total lack of a story whatsoever makes it hard to read ahead.

Oh, and there are boobies in this movie… and a few other details I need not disclose.

As far as the soundtrack goes, I have one word for you. MUSE. That’s right, folks. As I watched this movie, I listened to the music and thought “hey, i like this… hmmm the voice sounds familiar.” You’ll hear the song New Born by Muse in this movie… and it’s beautiful!! I’m listening to it now, actually. :)

I’m not rating this one.

The Aviator

Wow. Airplanes, flash cameras, ants, mammaries, bottles of urine, and millions of dollars make this movie one not to miss for sure.


Our good friend Leo plays Howard Hughes, a multi-million dollar wackjob that throws caution into the wind and doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants. …and what does he want, exactly? Well, you just watch it yourself. Personally, I really never figured it out. Then again, I’m not sure I cared enough. I do like the cast, to a degree. I never really cared for Leo much, but it has a few other familiar faces in it that I liked seeing.

I give this movie a 7 mainly because I didn’t really see the whole point of it. Maybe I was distracted, maybe I’m just tired. Who knows. I’ll probably figure it out when I wake up but I won’t care enough to post about it… but yeah it gets only a 7. No no, I change my mind. I only give it a 5… I wouldn’t want to watch it again. However, it was quite a story. *thinks* yeah it was really an intense story… I guess I’ll give it an 8. You know what, go watch it and rate it yourself.

Ok, honestly, I’d have to give this one an 8.5 right up there with Mindhunters, but for different reasons. It’s a totally different kind of movie but the acting was really great, and the atmosphere was really great too.

Ok, that’s what I think. Now go away.

Ohhh, what about the soundtrack, you say? Hmmm… it fits. That’s about all I have to say about that


Well, now that was quite a rush. Action, suspense, a bit of gore, and a decent cast. Everything you could ask for. Well, not everything but I sure liked it. Let’s see…


Y’know I’ve always liked LL Cool J in the movies. So maybe you didn’t know that. Now you do.

The soundtrack was really cool, though I just finished watching the movie and I already forgot what it sounded like.

All in all I rate this movie a good 8.5. Mostly because the whole time you’re wondering who’s doing what and unless you’re a top-notch movie-profiler you’ll be a bit surprised at the end… or maybe very surprised. Or maybe not surprised at all.

I definitely recommend this one. I had to get up several times for different reasons… I suggest you make sure you don’t have to. There’s hardly a good time to ‘take a break’ during this one.


Zathura… hmmm what should I say about Zathura? It was a really cool movie! Probably wasn’t quite as good as Jumanji, for a few reasons, but it was definitely an adventure.


The soundtrack was orchestrated and original. The special effects were typical but not extraordinary… though they were still good.

The whole time you wanna smack those boys, though.

Tell ya what… go see it. You’ll like it. I rate it a 7.

Chicken Little

Just saw Chicken Little. It was OK I suppose. There were some really funny parts, and then some really cheesy parts that weren’t so funny.


Overall I’d probably rate it a 6… I wouldn’t want to watch it again except for maybe the funny parts, but it’s probably great for the kids. The soundtrack was very “Shrek-like”.


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