…and then some

2005-11-19 (Nov) – Random Poetry 01

Random Poetry 01
2005-11-19 (Nov) – 16:32
As random as it seems
This line makes perfect sense
So put on your pajamas
And jump over the fence.
Singing like you’re angry
And the king is forty-five.
One more year of Brady Bunch
To keep the plants alive.
Look me in the eyes
Whenever you’re asleep
It smells like boysenberries
And the climb is getting steep.
Claps your hands like Alice
Who claps her hands like me.
Like vapo rub and skittles
Fell from the family tree.
So now I feel inspired
And all the fruit is rotten.
I tried to eat a blanket.
The touch, the feel of cotton.
Polyester Easter eggs.
Banana and a band.
Get a little fiddle it’ll
Fit nicely in your hand.
Spinning like a record
Fell off the paper plate
Just this line and then one more
To make this poem great.

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