…and then some

2005-11-19 (Nov) – Random Poetry 02

Random Poetry 02
2005-11-19 (Nov) – 16:37

Sticks of many colors
It sounds like paper hats
I threw away the corn dog
A stack of welcome mats
Venture into darkness
Coyote on the hill
The heater sang a love song
Dust off the window sil
A clock is ticking backwards
He rushed to find his keys
Curtain rods and grass stains
Trying not to sneeze
Marriage of a spider
Delay the coconuts
Winter formal at a bar
The anti-papercuts
Cadillac mojave
With a twiste of nothing else
Unanimous decisions
A bucketfull of shells
Keep it in the yard
A tablecloth of wool
Service with a smile
The king of Istanbul
Shake it like a mother
Below the empty line
Running up the phone bill
Picture frames and wine


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