…and then some


One more day of work, then I get a week off!  Technically it’s more than a week since there are 2 weekends involved.  Hmmm… What am I thankful for?  I’ll let your brain play with that one for a little while.

Alongside the one day I have before vacation, this blog’s title carries another meaning… I’m going to talk about Uno, the card game.  I played the most insane game of Uno the other tnight…  I mean, *night.  I was at a friend’s friend’s friend’s house and we were there for about  3 hours.  During that time, we played two games of Uno.  The first one was quick and painless.  The second one was… madness.  No, not Sparta.  Madness only.  There were modified rules that made the game seemingly impossible to end, but someone finally won, and it wasn’t me.

Well, I don’t have anything else to say.  I mean, there is plenty to say but whatever.

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