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2005-11-22 (Nov) – CRASH v.2

2005-11-22 (Nov) – 12:39

Looks like I need a new power supply.  When I power up the computer it continually powers on and off at 1 to 2 second intervals as though it tries to power up but can’t handle it.  My computer’s BIOS is set to detect AC power and will turn itself on in the event that such AC power is detected.  This way, if the power goes out while I am away, it will automatically boot itself up when the power returns.  Seems that the power supply no longer can supply enough power to keep the system on, so when I turn it on, it loses power after a few seconds.  When this happens, the BIOS recognizes that even though power was lost, the source of the AC power is still connected and tries to boot back up by itself, only to black out again.  This process continues indefinitely every 1 or 2 seconds.

A power supply can cost me anywhere from $30 to $50 and i currently do not have that kind of cash available to me.  I have money in my PayPal account but my PP debit card has expired and until i get the new one in the mail (which i requested a while back) those funds do me no good.

I’m not too happy about this.

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