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2005-11-23 (Nov) – Good news and Bad news

Good news and Bad news
2005-11-23 (Nov) – 13:35

The good news is, after some testing I have found that there is nothing wrong with my computer’s power supply.

The bad news is, yes, you guessed it, the MOBO (motherboard) is fried.  This is really not good.  I mean, it’s kinda an excuse to go out and get a slightly better one, but when I don’t have the money for it, that’s not a good enough excuse.  Seems I have a 1 year warranty on the thing.  I’m borderlining it too, because I remember I got the MOBO when I was dating meghan, and that was about a year ago.  I really hope it hasn’t been too long.

Even with a valid warranty, I still have to wait at least 2 weeks to get it replaced, what with them sending it to the manufacturer and all.  counting this week, 3 weeks without my computer is horrid.  Seems PC club has a MOBO that is a model 1 step down from this one for about $80.  What I can probably do is take my MOBO in, have them send it back, purchase the lesser model, and just use that for a couple of weeks.  Then when I get the new one I will have 2 motherboards.

*thinks*  i have an excellent idea.  I’ve been planning on working with AJ to build her a new computer.  …something she doesn’t have to share with her family.  This might be a good opportunity to start that for her.  Of course, I’ll need a lot more than just a MOBO but i’m confident we’ll get what we need.

OK i’m done here.  I’m still upset about this but at least now I don’t feel like all is lost.  I’m gonna be really annoyed if I find out it’s not a problem with the MOBO either.  However, it’s 99% chance a MOBO problem and 1% something else…


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