…and then some

2005-11-24 (Nov) – Thanks…. giving.

Thanks…. giving.
2005-11-24 (Nov) – 11:21

So, as usual I’m the last one to get up and start getting ready to leave the house… and, as usual, i’m the first one ready to leave and waiting for everyone else, and as usual, we’re not ready to leave at the pre-arranged time, and as usual, i post a blog about it.

well, it’s off to some place for some food and some family fun *gag* and i guess i’ll be back later this evening.  i doubt i’ll be back too late because i know how my parents are about being out late… it’s just not their thing.

feels kinda weird not having my computer but at the same time it’s giving me a chance to do some other things.  for example, i’ve got a plethora of CDs I haven’t listened to or even looked at for quite some time.  I went through a lot of them this morning and last night and pulled out a good handful I thought i’d go ahead and listen to.

well, looks like i gotta go take care of a few more things before we leave.  i’m always ready myself but, as usual, i’m given last-minute assignments on our way out the door.



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