…and then some

2005-11-26 (Nov) – anti-sleep

2005-11-26 (Nov) – 03:52

it’s nearly 4am and i’m not sleepy at all… in fact i can barely keep from moving around.  i oughtta be passed out by now but for some reason i’m quite energetic.  i’d like to sleep because there really isn’t much to do.

i did go see AJ tonight and i came back home cuz i was feeling tired and now that i’m home i’m quite awake.  i thought about taking a 3g dose of Melatonin so i could get knocked out but i try to avoid taking anything.  since i dont really have any serious responsibilities tomorrow it isn’t that important that i sleep a lot tonight.  still, though… i don’t want to get too used to being up all night once i get back to work Monday.

Uhm… whoa… suddenly I feel my body slowing down.  I think my brain just kicked all systems into low gear… or… something.  Yeah, I don’t think I’ll have much trouble getting to sleep at this point.

Tell your friends to subscribe to my blog so that I can become the most popular person in the universe.  Y’know, cuz that’s like… my dream.  *choke*

Speaking of dreams, I’ve been having a rather odd recurring dream as of late.  Hmmm… nevermind.


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