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2005-11-30 (Nov) – More stuff about my top 8, i guess

More stuff about my top 8, i guess
2005-11-30 (Nov) – 16:52

1. AJ

2. Corinne

3. Heather

4. Jenna

5. Lee

6. Albee

7. The Echoing Green (band)

8. Joy Electric (band)

1) Why is the person in spot 1 there?

She’s my best friend and the love of my life.

2) Have you ever hugged 6?

No.  No I haven’t.

3) When was the last time you talked to 2 on the phone?

over a week ago, which is longer than preferred.

4) How do you know 8?

Well, I don’t really, but I met them at a show once.

5) Is 2 taken or single?

I think she’s taken

7) Would 4 & 6 make a good couple?

good friends maaaaybe, but definitely not a good couple at all. no way.

8) When was the last time you kissed 7?

like, never.

9) What is your favorite thing about 2?

we find a lot of the same things hilarious so we laugh a lot when we talk

10) What about 3?

she’s a really great friend and one of very very few who actually keeps in touch over time and distance

11) What does 5 usually call you?

uhm… “ronnie”

12) Who do you think is the funniest?

not sure how to answer that… so i won’t.

13) Who is your favorite person to talk to when you’re down?

oh, number one.

14) Would you ever date 3?

no, and we’ve discussed this already.  :P

15) Who has SEEN you cry?

one and five

16) Does 8 have any siblings?


17) What are the last three numbers of 3’s phone number?

why would i tell you that?

18) What would you do if you were locked in a room with 2?

depends on what was in the room, really.  i’d probably just try to figure out a way to get us out of the room.

19) Do you have any classes with 1?


20) What’s your favorite memory with 4?

haven’t spent enough time with her to develop a ‘favorite’ memory

21) When was the last time you saw 8 in person?

few years ago at a show

22) What song(s) reminds you of 2?

“butt dance again… ”

23) Who has the nicest car out of all eight?

since “nicest” is based on opinion and not fact, my answer is number one cuz her truck is awesome

24) How tall is 3?

hmmm… aw i forgot.  not as tall as i am, though… i dont think… never seen her in person.

25) When is 1’s birthday?

Wednesday, December 28, 1983

26) Who have you been to a show with?

hmm.. number 4 and number 5.   numbers 7 and 8 are bands that i’ve seen live at shows but i dont know if that counts.

27) Have you ever gotten drunk with 6?

no and i never will

28) Who smokes cigarettes out of your top 8?

none i hope…

29) What reminds you of 7?

that’s too vague to answer

30) Do you trust 2?

why yes i do.


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