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2005-12-01 (Dec) – debate

2005-12-01 (Dec) – 07:25

i just woke up and i feel like shit crap.  i’m debating on whether or not i’ll go into work today.  i know they wouldn’t mind me taking the day off because i’m sick, but if they try to get someone to replace me, they’ll have trouble in my lab.  i have everything set up the way i want it and i’m afraid they won’t know what to do if i’m not there…

i have early morning tutoring.  perhaps i’ll go in for that, do a little reconfiguring while the kids are working, and after they are done but before school starts i’ll swing by the office and explain i’m too ill to stick around.  who knows, maybe by the time i get to that point I will feel better anyway so i can stick around.

back when i worked at the casino, i actually liked being sick sometimes because it gave me a good reason to stay home.  i hated that job.  not the case this time around.  i love my job.  i like going into work each day.  i just hate being sick and quite frankly, not only am i miserable but if i’m hanging around the kids, coughing and stuff, they’ll all get sick too.  i guess that’s not really MY problem but i dont want that to happen anyway.

bleh… i’m out.

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