…and then some

Counted Blessings

The original idea was to list 10 blessings (things I am thankful for or otherwise things that make me happy) each day, with each list as its own blog post.  However, I have decided that instead I will simply keep one list and update it regularly, watching it grow and grow.

1. I have a wife that likes video games
2. I am always welcome at my family’s home
3. My phone never breaks when I drop it
4. My job has an amazing schedule that gives me all kinds of time off
5. My Xbox 360 has never had the RROD (red ring of death)
6. The air conditioning in our home works wonderfully
7. I have strong bones and have never broken any of them
8. My wife and I always have enough money to live comfortably
9. I know God loves me
10. I have an awesome Philips LCD HDTV
11. My wife is cooking dinner right now (Hamburger Helper)
12. There’s an awesome guy in Austria that I get to call one of my best friends ever
13. It’s raining hard today
14. God gave me the gift of writing

to be continued…


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