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2005-12-08 (Dec) – it’s been a while…

it’s been a while…
2005-12-08 (Dec) – 23:10

…since i’ve posted a blog.  are you thinking what i’m thinking?  i seriously doubt it.

not really sure what to say at this point, either… yeah it’s been a while.   yeah some stuff has happened.  yeah life goes on.  yeah i don’t care enough to talk about every little detail of my life on here either, which i normally do.  well, sometimes do…. used to do… occasionally… sorta.

so i get a text message this morning, and it’s drama.  i say my piece and let it go.  i go online tonight and read a few blogs… more drama… but none of my business anyway, so no harm done… just annoying i guess…

nah, no no, i’m not sitting here annoyed.  just thinking, i suppose.  think you know my mood?  i doubt it.

wait, no, yes, i am a little bit annoyed.  i’m still waiting for my computer.  someone is takin their time with it and i’m, once again, not too happy about it.  that’s right, i’m still without my computer.  this has been the longest i’ve been without it (not counting being away from home) for as long as i can remember since i’ve had it… i think.  …and even the times i’ve been away from home not using it has not been quite this long.  it’s been a couple of weeks now, i reckon.

“i reckon”  dare i explore the source of those words in my mind?  nevermind.

school wasn’t so bad today, and by ‘school’ i mean work, and by that i mean work wasn’t so bad today.  95% of my students were quite well behaved and i had a lovely visitor with me all morning which was quite nice.  aside from the kids i don’t really get much social interaction during my job…  well, i chat online as much as i can with AIM.  does that count?  i guess i’m talking about live socializing.  whatever.

blogs… who really reads them?  i read the blogs some of you post.  not a lot of you post blogs, and if you post often, perhaps i don’t notice because i’m not subscribed.  if such is the case, and you’d like me to subscribe, just lemme know… and don’t post a bunch of garbage and crap either.  i had to unsubscribe a few people because all they ever posted were these long dramatic and profane blogs about how life sucks and “everyone’s a jerk” and blah blah blah…  you don’t do that, do you?

yeah sure, i post a lot of nonsense.  i post a lot of strange things and some emotional things at times… but hey at least i mix it up a bit.  i hate the feeiling of seeing that someone has posted a new blog and before even opening it the first thing that goes through my mind is “oh sweet lord, not again”.  i kinda prefer the “ohhh, what are they gonna say today?” thoughts, or even the occasional “hey! so-and-so finally posted their semi-annual blog!”.  whatever.

according to the alarm setting on my phone, i have less than three minutes to finish this and leave the room.  i have someplace i have to be at that time, and it’s not here.  now less than 2 minutes.

if you’ve read my blog thus far, thanks.  i really do appreciate it.  i’ll never know you read it if you don’t comment, and you don’t need to comment if you dont’ want to, but if you want me to know you read this stuff, it’s the only way i’ll know… but whatever.  i’m no whiner, i’m just…



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  1. Eliyahu

    Hey vertigo, you doing well? Haven’t seen you around Gwerdy or CT or GB lately, and then I saw fangame in the project list, so I went to look at where it was. You should start doing it again. MMF2 is a wonderful outlet when you need something to consume time and get your mind off of things.
    Hope you’re doing well, -Eliyahu.

    December 12, 2009 at 6:32 am

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