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Light in the Sky

Aaron Sager and I went exploring a bit earlier.  We were off road in the nearby desert, Verbenia area, late at night (between 9:30-10:00pm, Jan 10th, 2010).  A VERY bright, white (perhaps a hint of blue) light was suddenly shining on us and our immediate area from above and stayed on us for a few seconds before disappearing.  Aaron thought it was a helicopter.  We stopped and I got out and looked and listened.  No helicopter.  It was very quiet.  Nothing in the sky but stars, and no power lines or anything like that anywhere near us.  Aaron said he looked through his window and could see it as it “faded out”, and that it was absolutely coming from above us and not from the side.  We still have no idea what it really was.  I’ve attempted to do some research online but I’ve found no info yet.  There is an explanation, and I want to know what it is.  Before you start making jokes about UFOs and aliens, keep in mind that I am absolutely not making this story up.  There WAS a light, and it WAS from above, and we could not see or hear anything to give us a clue to the source.

Any ideas?


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