…and then some


So who reads my blogs anyway?  If nobody reads my blogs, then why do I take the time to type them out?  It’s just a waste.  Yeah, I suppose I could look back on these years from now and appreciate that I wrote them, but other than that… useless.

I know these get fed through to my Facebook account, so some of my FB friends will see them… but I bet none of them ever visit my actual blog… I guess they wouldn’t see much reason to…


One response

  1. Jannifer

    This reminds me so much of how I feel about writing. The whole point is so that people will read it and be interested in what you have to say, right? But then no one writes and it just makes ya frustrated! I have a poem called “Wasted Energy” that’s to the same effect as this post… although I think It’s more negative. :P

    March 9, 2010 at 11:57 am

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