…and then some

Today is one of those days…

…that’s pretty much just like every other day.

Really not motivated to say much today.  It’s not that I don’t have subject material for a blog… I just… MEH.  Yeah, you know it.  MEH!!

Okay… so I have about an hour and forty minutes before I get to head home.  I’m gonna go home, rinse my hair out really well, then go get it cut… thennnn… maybe I’ll play some FFXIII for a while (ohhh yeeaaahhh).

When Lisa gets home we’re planning on going for a walk.  We REALLY need to do that… especially me.  I’ve been lacking in much, much needed exercise lately, and by lately I mean… for a long time.

Not sure what to do about dinner.  We will need to eat something at some point.  I was thinking of making some stroganoff.  It should be delicious so I’ll need to remember to have only a healthy portion and not over-eat.

There’s a dirty eraser on my desk.  After a few weeks it just occurred to me that I’ve no idea how it got there.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  People leave stuff in here all of the time without me being here.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Still not sure who reads these.  Lisa?  Jenn?  Ramon?

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