…and then some

Testing voice text

From i think i’m going to try to close this page is speaking to my iphone. Times not perfectly accurate is nothing actually i think maybe rather funny. I think it’s doesn’t recognize the words sometimes you recognize words in the southern words and antonio. Horse it doesn’t really help whispering online. Does anyone really really on sleeping here to new years from now.

Really don’t think it’s gonna be most things i say his lungs hurt you quiz oregon mumbling. You quiz oregon modeling that’s what i said i don’t think so. No maybe if i was able to have written out the correct way next to what this has been to me interesting comparison.

Some of the words are actually accurate online on the wrong they say the wrong things. Mini fridge is a natural dialect and only if you work. Then again maybe not. Wow that was actually work i wonder if i can make more work we go to bed 232 in the morning. 1248 divided by 17 to the square root of power nothing and everything. That last sentence was actually work really sad. No really said. Not work.

I think this is enough i think i’ve done enough damage or reading massachusetts post office in bed.

Good morning honey i love you. No no no no no no no no no no no i said goodnight. Nisa honey i said everybody. Old nevermind. Goodbye.


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