…and then some

Another blog posted by voice

The android voice recognition penny is pretty neat. Of course it doesn’t have any kind of punctuation or anything so i have to evolve at myself. Dylan plaza i have to do you want sentence at a time. Really that bad meaning of course.

You know where is really funny of the word tennessee the phone comes up with even filthier souls far from what makes a leasing. Oh my goodness where you can eat wings of love. This 1 is even better than yesterday.

Irving is interesting how nephews and number 1142 bittersweet i remember. The hospital in even close to actually said. Where over the closer with the stars.

Ocean potion those things will not come sing the song trying to speak more clearly just saying that into here. I really cool this is really funny anita around here.

The l wines liquors often do you … hear this a little easier for wow. I said i think i will put the curtains up over the window in the master bedroom. Wild got every word of that last sentence correct. 08 missed the beginning of the last sentence. … in the beginning of that last sentence… and the beginning of the west symptoms… in the end of the last sentence. Nevermind i give up.

On the road again i’m going to get on the road again. End of the person that.


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