…and then some


Depression sucks.

People look at my life and they say I have so much going for me.  I have had friends tell me that they wish they could trade places with me because I have it so nice.  What they don’t see is the torment that goes on beneath the surface.  The two don’t have to be related to co-exist.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog, and I really ought to do it more often but I just… never feel motivated.  I’m sure a lot of it would be whining and complaining about this or that.  I dunno.  I’ve also paid a little extra for the ability to fully customize my blog with CSS, yet I continue to use a built-in theme.  It’s laziness, mostly.  That payment lasts a year.  I wonder how long its been since I paid it.

Right now I’m at work.  I hate it here.  That works out okay since I’m done after next week.  Firstly, June 11th is the last day before summer vacation.  Secondly, I’m getting laid off so I get an extended vacation.  For most people, a layoff is a terrible thing, but for me it is a grand relief.  I hate my job so much, I am happy to be let go.  It feels like getting shoved out of a burning building.

I recently rooted my Droid phone.  I then installed the Cyanogenmod rom on it.  I heard it was the best.  I was not impressed.  My phone became much slower and some changes were annoying.  Yesterday I installed a rom called Ultimate Droid New Era.  It’s quite slick and it’s fast.  I like it a lot.  I noticed today, though, that the video camera crashes when I try to take a high quality video.  That is bad.  I looked online and found that the version I have, 1.0.0 is old and now version 1.4.5 is out.  One of the fixes since then is the video camera.  I’m about to upgrade and see how it goes.  I really hope I don’t have to wipe all of my user data again like I did yesterday.  I just reinstalled my apps and stuff.  It’s annoying to have to do that.

After I finished that paragraph, I got a phone call here at work and by the end of that the update had completed.  I am now booting my phone and will see if it runs okay.  **waiting**

The boot logo is displaying a lot longer than I think it should.  Ah, there it goes.  Now the Droid EYE animation.    So far it looks like it is working normally.  The clock in the notification bar is black text, though, on a dark background, making it hard to read.  However, I read on the forums that the newest versions has settings allowing you to customize the colors and text of anything, so I should be able to fix that.  I’m going to play with this now.  Bye.


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