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Skunk Trap

This will be quick because I need to get to bed, but I really do need to start blogging more, and a short blog is better than no blog.

Okay, so not long after we moved into this house, we often experienced a strong skunk smell in the late evenings.  Sometimes it was bad enough to have to close the front door, sacrificing the cool air.  I was aware of an opening on the side of the house that could allow small animals to get under our home.  It was too small for a person, but big enough for a cat or even a small-to-mid-sized dog.

My theory was that a skunk was living under the house, though I never did anything about it.  Eventually we kinda forgot about it and now thinking back on it I realized that we haven’t had that smell in months.

Well, last night I went out back near the shed and when I got there something “scurried” behind me and ran off.  I didn’t have a light, but from what I could see with the nearby lights I could tell it was something “skunk-like”.  Body low to the ground, bushy tail, etc.  I’m 99.9% sure it was a skunk.  I’m just glad it didn’t spray me.

It ran off to the side of the house and by the time I grabbed a flashlight and went to find it, it was gone, and I’m almost certain it went under the house, where it has probably been living this whole time.

Aaaanyway… I decided to do something about it, so today I rummaged through a bunch of trash in the shed that never got thrown away, and when I say “trash” I mean lumber-related.  I used old wooden window shutters and other random scraps of boards and things and fashioned together a cage to trap the skunk in.  I posted a photo of it to my facebook profile.

The triggering mechanism needs improvements, but it should still work, and as long as it isn’t REALLY windy, it shouldn’t slip on its own.  There’s a board in the cage attached to a trip-wire that will close the cage door if the skunk steps on it.  Unfortunately, near the end of building the thing it was getting dark and I wanted to hurry and be done so the board isn’t really positioned optimally.  It is possible for the skunk to avoid the board and walk around a bit inside the cage, and then return under the house.  However, I believe that the skunk will continue to look for a way around this new obstacle and perhaps explore the cage enough to walk onto the board eventually.

Anyway, it’s midnight and I just checked it and there’s nothing yet.  I’ll check again in the morning.

So much for this being short.


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