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Skunk Trap part 2

Well, it’s morning now, and I just went out to check the skunk trap.  I found something peculiar.

See, I have the trap situated with the opening of the trap up against the opening that leads under the house.  There is a bit of a gap since it isn’t perfectly matched up with the wall, so there are a few inches on either side where something could still squeeze through.   I piled up some rocks and dirt to fill/block those gaps so that anything inside would be unable to get out that way.

Well, I noticed that a some of the rocks and dirt have been moved away on both sides.  On one side, a couple of the rocks have been pulled away (one of them 2 feet away from the gap) and much of the dirt was messed with.  However, the rest of the rocks are still blocking the gap on that side.  The gap on the other side is a bit different because of the way the trap is set up against the wall.  This side was also tampered with, though there is a gap that appears as if it MIGHT be just enough for a skunk to slip through.  I’m not sure.

The point I’m making is… something clearly was trying to get in from the outside.  There’s no evidence of anything being INSIDE the cage.  The skunk must have been out somewhere else… perhaps another den location or hiding spot that I don’t know about.  Unfortunately, at this point, that means that I don’t know if he’s under there or not.  I’m going to guess he was able to slip through that little gap, because I really think that he would have kept trying and digging until he got in anyway.  However, if this is true, that means that he’s under there now, so I can go block up those gaps better and he won’t be able to get out except to go into the cage.  Unfortunately, if it was unable to get in and went somewhere else… ah well.  If it went somewhere else, then when it comes back it’ll just try again.  I’ll figure it out I suppose.

I am going to add some bait to the trap to help entice the skunk to go in and walk onto that board.


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