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Saving My Naga Jolokia

I’ve been trying to grow pepper plants since the beginning of May.  That’s when I planted the seeds.  Growth has been slow but the plants remained healthy and I have been pleased.  Recently I’ve noticed that something has been eating the leaves, tiny bits at a time.  I never found any pests on the plants, day or night.  I wasn’t sure what was doing it.

The damage was minimal until just a couple of days ago, when I noticed that two of the plants were almost completely void of leaves.  I had to do something.  I sprayed a pesticide on the plants in hopes to kill whatever was eating them.

A day passed and when I checked my plants I was displeased to find that the pesticide had begun to wilt the leaves.  I immediately washed the plants with clean water.  I really hope I can wash away the pesticide and that the plants can recover from the damage.  I went back this morning to water them some more and they just looked worse.  I decided try to pluck off the dead areas in hopes that it would not “spread” and that the parts of the plants that are still healthy can grow back.  While doing this, I discovered the culprit.  There was a semi-large green caterpillar hanging from one of the leaves.  It is unlike any caterpillar I have seen around here.  Anyway, it blended in with the plant well enough for me to miss it every single time I have checked the plants to see what was eating them.  If only I had caught it before I sprayed the plants with pesticide.  The worst part is, the caterpillar survived the pesticide anyway.

I’m really, really unhappy about this.  The plants BETTER get healthy again.

EDIT:  I went back out there to finish trimming the damaged leaves.  I found 2 more of those caterpillars.  I am not happy.


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