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Spelling and Grammar

This started as a Facebook status update but it’s long enough to be a blog entry, so here it is in its copied and pasted glory.


Why is so much effort put into teaching kids the fundamental basics of spelling and grammar (general language) if it’s not going to mean anything later on in life? Is it a skill whose sole purpose for existing is so that it can be taught to the next generation, only so they can teach it to the generation after?

Also, if spelling and grammar aren’t important, then why do people get so grossly defensive about having theirs corrected? If I had a friend tell me that closing my windows would help regulate the temperature in my house, but it wasn’t imp…ortant to me, would I bounce back with “OMG you need to get a life and not be such a window nazi. Why don’t you worry about things that are more important than whether or not I close my windows!”? Of course not, and you’d probably mark me a psycho if I did. Why, then, does it seem to be socially acceptable to have a similar response concern the topic of spelling or grammar? If it really, truly wasn’t important, then people who confronted about using it incorrectly would not behave in such a way.

Is it important in EVERY situation? Well, no. Of course not. Most casual, social environments, including Facebook and other online chats are actually the ideal place to use slang and “chatspeak” as a sort of casual way of typing. It IS, however, quite important that we still maintain a good sense of the basics of spelling and grammar, as well as the ability to continue to learn and improve, and to not let that be forgotten as we dive head first into the shameless black hole of uneducated filth we like to call the internet.


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