…and then some

YouTube’s Flaws

Ahhhh, Youtube.

Well first of all I hate the new homepage.  They’ve taken a nicely customizable and arrangeable modular system and replaced it with a single messed up list of random crap… and they have the audacity to call it an “easy to scan list”.  What’s wrong with how it was?  Was it too complicated for some users to deal with?  Fine.  Give THEM the option of a new home page.  Mine was fine the way it was.  They’ve removed all customization now.  Stupid.

Now what about the “Recommended” videos?  I think it should be called “Random videos we want you to watch”.   The Recommended videos are supposed to based off of videos you’ve liked, favorited, or watched.  First of all, basing recommendations off of videos you’ve simply watched is really stupid.  Often you don’t know if you’re going to enjoy a video until you’ve started watching it.  Many times I’ve started watching a video and thought “Man, this is stupid”.  Well TOO LATE, SUCKER!  Youtube is now going to recommend you watch more videos like that one!

Of course, the recommendations usually have absolutely NOTHING to do with the videos they are based on.  I’m not sure how their system works, but it just doesn’t work.  Let’s see… apparently Youtube thinks I’d be interested in a Justin Bieber music video because I watched a Call of Duty Black Ops gameplay video.  Yeah.  It really recommended that.  Or how about this one:  Youtube recommends a video about a pregnant robot that teaches students because I favorited a video about a giant centipede fighting a snake.  I suppose I can see the similarities.  Well, no.  Not really.  By the way, it really did suggest that.

This isn’t to say that Youtube sucks in every department.  Alongside these horrible flaws they’ve actually done a few things right.  Yes.  They have.

For example, they’ve essentially removed the video length limit for people who have an account that’s in good standing.  No more 15 minute limit.  That’s a very good thing.  Another thing they did for the better is change how the deal with videos that contain commercial audio tracks.  Y’know, like a popular song.  In the past, they simply removed the audio track from the video.  It essentially ruined the video.  It would have been better to simply remove the entire video.  Well, now rather than ripping out the audio they simply tag the video page with a link to the artist.  Perfectly acceptable, if you ask me.


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