…and then some

Okay, so here it goes

I used to post blogs very frequently… I have an archive of my old Myspace blogs that I’ve posted between 2005 and 2008, and most of them are written with a personality much different than I have now, and I want to try to regain that “lost personality”, as it were.

Soooooo… I’m thinking perhaps blogging much more frequently might help with that.

I’m sure there’s more involved, but we’ll take it a step at a time.  Baby steps.

Are you good at assessing personalities?  Do you want to help me?  Take  a look over on the right sidebar and you should see a link to my old myspace blogs.   Read a handful of those and compare the writing style to some of my more recent wordpress blogs here.  Try to take in a variety of posts, though.  I have some that talk about what’s going on in my life and I have others that are completely random thoughts that make no sense.  I have some that are poems I made up on the spot and others that are just questionnaires I decided to fill out.  Compare some of those with some of these newer posts within the past year or two and tell me what you think is different.

One way that I like to put it is that I feel as though I wrote back then like it was an art, and I write now like it is a science.  I’m much more picky about grammar, punctuation, spelling, etcetera etcetera… and while those things are important, I think I can enjoy blogging much more, and reading, if I just don’t focus on those things quite as much.

I’ll blog again in a short while…. and tell you about my day.

PS:  I seem to be having trouble getting this to post to Facebook…


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