…and then some

Voice of Silence

I know I haven’t posted any video logs lately.  This is mostly because of the problems I’ve been having with my throat.  I’m trying to make a better effort to talk less.  I speak when I need to and that’s about it… and when I speak, I try to keep it soft.

I’ve been coughing for weeks now.  While always a nuisance, it has begun to affect me in more ways very recently.  My coughs are very powerful.  When I cough, my entire torso tenses up and my muscles push inward with such force that often I feel my back popping.  A good pop in the back now and then can normally be relieving, but when the pressure is as frequent as this, the muscles in the back and sides start to become sore.

Y’know…. I’m not done explaining but I suddenly don’t feel like typing any more.  Maybe more later.  Maybe.

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