…and then some

Freakin’ Dog

Well, if you’re one of the nobodies that ever watched my video logs, you might have seen a recent one in which I complained a bit more about the dog getting into my things.

Well he got into my stuff again last night.  In the vlog, I mention a particular item he took, which was a small bag containing a security cable with the associated pieces needed to use it.  Well, all the pieces were gone and the bag with the cable were out in the back yard.  I took what I found and put it back.

Well now it’s just gone.  I couldn’t find it anywhere on the property.  So this makes me wonder… what other things has he taken that have simply disappeared from my personal inventory?  Anyway, it ticks me off.  A lot.

He also pulls up the plastic from under the gravel on the back porch… I worked really, REALLY hard to lay that plastic down, and he just tears it up.

I think I’m just going to have to take the extra chain link fencing I have and wrap it around the side of the shed where I store my things.  Yeah.  I think that’s what I’ll do.


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