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The New Dream Experience

This morning I had a very vivid dream.  As with most dreams, even the vivid ones, I do not remember every little detail, but I remember some of the major points, and while it would be much easier for me to explain in speaking, I want to try to document it here, especially before I forget more of it.  I’ll have to summarize some of it.

I was in a familiar place, around familiar people, in a familiar situation… ah yes, I’ve had this dream before.  The place I was in and the people I was around were people I have not seen in many years.  We’ve all had dreams that we’ve at least felt like we’ve dreamed before.  They are a bit strange.

I don’t remember what my duty was in the dream.  I believe I was a janitor of some sort.  It becomes slightly relevant, so I mentioned it.

I remember there being some kind of key.  This key had a paper tag on it.  On the tag were some figures and numbers.  They were some kind of serial or identification numbers.  I honestly have no idea what they were actually for.  Anyway, during the course of my dream, for some reason I had to get this information, but I had to do it secretly.  Stealing this information would be a huge offense somehow, and really bad things would happen if I were caught.

There are a lot of small situations I faced during the course of the dream, although I don’t remember them all.  I just remember it almost feeling like a spy movie of some kind, where I had to do a lot of sneaky things to try and obtain the information on that tag.  I don’t remember why I chose to do this, but at one point I ripped the tag off of the key.  I crumpled it into a bag of garbage and placed it in my maintenance closet (see, I told you it was slightly relevant).  I figured I could come get it later.

Anyway, that wasn’t really the best idea because now it was obvious that someone was tampering with the information because the tag was separated from the key.  I went through another small series of situations.  I managed to grab the tag from my trash bag, and I got my toolbox and walked around a bit until I was in a place where I could write the information down.  Ah, that was it.  I had to separate the tag from the key because I couldn’t take the key with me… but I could take the tag.  Still, if they linked the torn-off tag to me, and they certainly would, that would be very bad.  I had to get the information off of the tag and then ditch the tag in a place where it wouldn’t be associated with me.

So as I said, I grabbed my toolbox and I planned to write the info down on a sticky note and then ditch the tag.  I grabbed my pad of sticky notes and there was writing on the top note.  I planned to disregard it, make a line, and write the info below it… but as I read the sticky note, I realized something very, very strange.

Already written on the note was the info from the tag.  Huh?  How did that happen?  This is where it gets really weird.  As you may remember, this dream was quite familiar.  I’ve had this dream before.  No big deal, I know.  Well, as it turns out, the first time I had this dream, I faced the same basic situations.  However, THAT time I had found a way to write down the information sooner, without tearing the tag off of the key.  THIS time around, once I got to the point of writing it down, I discovered that I already had written it the first time I had the dream.

Is that strange or what?

I also noticed that there were some slight variations of the numbers on the tag versus what I had written on the note years ago.  Additionally, I felt there were also slight variations in the dream sequence itself, and some of this is probably what led to a slightly different outcome (tearing off the tag vs writing it down first).

I realize it’s possible that I never actually had the dream before, and that our brains sometimes cross wires in such a way that we could truly believe we have experienced something already (deja vu, for example)… but still… in this case… I believe that it happened the way I described it, and I want to continue believing that, because it is quite remarkable indeed.



2 responses

  1. Wow, that’s crazy. I have had dreams and later experienced a de ja vu feeling in real life. For example, and this has happened many times, i will dream about a place or an occurance, then it will happen in real life or i will go to the place i dreamt about. But never have i dreamed the same or similar dream and have done something differently, in the dream. That’s intense.

    August 17, 2011 at 7:49 am

  2. wow! that’s a crazy dream…i’ve had dreams like that, a friend of mine likes to think that dreams are sometimes a view into an alternate universe where we have different lives….

    August 17, 2011 at 12:17 pm

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