…and then some

Speech to Text

This blog is being created by speaking using speech to text and not by typing, so if there are mistakes it is the computers fault. Anyway here I am lying in my bed ready to take a nap, and it is in a hot soca bilble to rest a little more easily than normal. As you can see using the speech to text sometimes result in strange words being said but it’s not necesarily what I’m actually saying. So anyway my bit my day has been a little bit busier than usual. I whip my pic of my sister I dropped off for the place in then I came back here and I wanna pick you up from that place and then we went to get someone’s new me if you’re home the moon I came back here.

Okay so the speech to text is really screwing up my words. Elise it’s not screwing up the parts where I have to say that it’s screwing up my words because then I wouldn’t really have any way of explaining it without manually typing. sometimes the results are quite amusing so I’m not going to make any corrections. that, and I’m just really lazy right now.

Sorry way home after get up from my nap I’m gonna check to see if my internet speed is increased yet since I upgraded it today. if it is I might start streaming um fear 3 which of the game evan want to try for weiland don’t know if anybody is going to watch but alright well I mean I know that some I know some people who are going to watch bit probably not the same people who will be reading this blog. oh nevermind just just just just nevermind.

Never mind is supposed to be 2 words but the speech to text keeps making it 1 word. Oldest current makes into words because it’s just trying to fool me.

I remember when I was using a speech to text text secretly in church well a pastor was preaching and for some reason I kept the cip saying new york new york new york new york edina wife. well it’s not really what I meant to say.

I’m going to say though next sentence really fast and see what it says. What is orthogonal barton barton this is what my face. Okay so a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says why the long face. So here’s what just happened. the center is about ortho donald barton I spoke wheelie really fast. alright alright nevermind this is not working right.

Hi she just really get some sleep and stop trying to talk to my phone. okay goodbye every buddy good night so long farewell see you later adios of lasagna don’t get a new york.


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